Product characteristics

Gran Sierra




100% Dominican Arabica

Notas de Sabor

Flavor notes

Chocolate, nuts and tropical citrus fruits.



Cordillera Central, Jamamú, Santiago

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Cup profile

Sweet acidity, soft body and perfumed aroma








Ground Café Santo Domingo is a medium grind, which makes it perfect for the majority of coffee brewing methods.

Certifications and others

Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance Certified

Produced using methods that support the three pillars of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental.


Kosher Certified

The product meets strict requirements of cleanliness, purity and quality, and doesn’t contain any dairy, meat or poultry ingredients or their traces.

Direct Trade

Direct trade with the coffee grower

Product formats

  • Ground coffee

    Ground coffee

  • Whole bean coffee

    Whole bean coffee

  • Espresso capsules

    Espresso capsules

Our processes

  • Cultivation of the coffee plant

    Cultivation of the coffee plant Café Santo Domingo Gran Origen is planted and cultivated in three model farms located in the most fertile coffee growing regions of our country, whose microclimate conditions and soil characteristics result in three exceptional and unique cup profiles.

  • Farm

    Farm From the heart of the Cordillera Central, come to us, splendid, Café Santo Domingo-Gran Origen, Gran Sierra, cultivated between clouds and in the shade of the pine forests. This coffee cultivated in high altitude ground zones, celebrates with its flavor notes a song to our land of green heights, our island surrounded by turquoise waters.

  • Coffee bloom

    Coffee bloom The Flower of the Coffee tree characterized by emitting a smell of jasmine. After flowering, at 32 to 34 weeks it gives the ripe coffee fruit.

  • Coffee harvest

    Harvesting the cherries The best fully ripe cherries with a crimson red color are selected.

  • Sun drying

    Sun drying An artisan process that uses renewable energy to reduce the humidity of the bean, allowing to preserve the natural qualities of the coffee.

  • Roasting

    Roasting By roasting the coffee, the organoleptic characteristic as aroma and flavors in the drink are developed.

  • Tasting

    Tasting Our coffee is tasted by specialists who rate its fragrance, aroma and flavor.

  • Various methods of preparation

    Various methods of preparation Each method of preparing coffee expresses its special attributes.

  • Various methods of preparation

    Various methods of preparation Each method of preparing coffee expresses its special attributes.

    Ilustrado por

    Manuel Raúl Santos

    Iris de Mondesert

    Medium: Traditional Watercolor

    Born in Santo Domingo on April 13, 1954, with Dominican-French nationality. She belongs to the Grullón family through her mother's line, her art runs through her veins. With training in architecture and conservation of cultural assets, her work had been closely linked for more than 25 years to the workshop of Doctor Architect Cesar Iván Feris Iglesias, in private practice in interior design, housing and conservation of old buildings. Later, she obtained 8 years of experience in public institutions in conservation of cultural assets-DNPM-, tourism and crafts -MINC- and urban design -ADN-. Ms. Mondesert has teaching experience in drawing, artistic expression and design at PUCMM, UNPHU, UNIBE, and Monumentalism at UNAPEC.

    Furthermore, her professional work was focused on cultural management and the conservation of monuments, until 2014 when she began to professionally develop drawing and watercolor, both plastic expression and teaching.

    She has practical training and experience in some areas of graphic arts and illustration, 3 formal exhibitions, participating as a member of the "Biennial Committee" of the First Architecture Biennial of Santo Domingo. Participation in the XVII Biennial of Visual Arts in the Drawing category. Participation in the Drawing Room at the Gallery of Modern Art, sponsored by Arawak.